Membership Policy

  • Members are those whose name are recorded in the register of members.
  • Prospective members must complete an application form and buy at least one £1 share.
  • In signing the application form the applicant is signing up to the Rules of the Society and any standing orders in place.
  • Members are required to uphold the CLTs code of conduct and to support the objects of the CLT as set out in the Rules (the governing document of the CLT) on an ongoing basis.
  • Membership application forms are considered by the Board and when accepted members will have their names recorded in the register of members and will be issued a share certificate.
  • Members will be given access to a copy of the Rules of the Society (hard copy, electronically, or via a website).
  • Any member who breaches the code of conduct or fails to support the objects of the CLT, or acts in a way that a reasonable person may conclude that the individual or group responsible acted with the intention of causing or risking causing harm to the CLT or with neglect to the same, whether reputational, financial or of any other nature may risk not having their membership application accepted or termination of their membership.
  • The Board will make the decision on whether an individual’s membership application is rejected or whether their membership is terminated.
  • Individuals who have had their membership application rejected, or their membership of the CLT terminated, may appeal to the Board of the CLT. The Rules of the CLT have a section on disputes (Rule 45) in the event of an unresolved dispute.