Project Update – November 2020

Project Update – November 2020

From the Board of High Ham CLT

In July, we were pleased to be able to tell you we had secured Local Authority funding which would enable us to direct technical consultants to carry out the necessary feasibility studies on the proposed development site.  These have now been completed; they were positive and there were no major issues identified.  The outcomes are now with our selected architect and structural engineer to inform the design of the homes.

Once we have a design that meets the criteria the CLT has specified, we intend to present it to our members and the public.  This will be done in whatever manner is possible and practical given COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time. We are aiming to hold a presentation event in the spring of 2021.  Following the presentation, the CLT will work with its partners on the final design to be submitted for planning permission.

Once this has been passed, our partner Housing Association will commence the development phase of the project.  At present we are aiming for a target completion date for the project in the second half of 2023, however, given the current uncertainty over the on-going implications and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, several steps of the project may take longer than on similar projects completed prior to the pandemic.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a potential tenant of one of these homes needs to register with Homefinder Somerset: