Why I joined High Ham CLT

Why I joined High Ham CLT

Why did I join the CLT in September 2018? 

Well, it all started some 20 years ago when I was the landlord of the Piddle Inn, Piddletrenthide and in the five years of my time at the pub there was only one property sold to a local –  all others were sold to people new to the village. This was because the average price of property in the village was more than the young locals could afford, so moving away to buy or rent was the only option available to the younger local residents. Most of these would have preferred to have stayed in their local community, and that really got me thinking.  

The Daily Telegraph highlighted the plight of Tim, a local national hunt/pointtopoint jockey whose large immediate family all lived in the area. Tim just could not find a home to buy in the village that he could afford, so he rented a cottage in the grounds of the local landowners home, and I believe he still lives there today with his own young family. 

So when I heard of the CLT in High Ham and what they proposed to do, I just had to get involved. And so far I would not change that decision. We now have a great and enthusiastic group of volunteers and I am sure we will deliver our promise of six affordable homes for the local community to rent. 

I do not wish to see the Piddletrenthide experience happening here in High Ham. 

Affordable homes for local people, keeping our community alive. 

Bill Bishop Dec 2019 

Chair High Ham CLT